About David

Rollenbau GmbH in the South of Vienna

David (born March 1989) was raised in a lovely „cottage village“ in the green south of Vienna as the eldest of three brothers. Living in a beautiful house with garden his family is successfully operating their family enterprise called „Rollenbau.com“ (founded by David`s Grandfather in ) since over 4 decades. David and his brothers grew up within the family enterprise and his father always thought the young boys what it really means to successfully operate a company in terms of responsibility and hard work. David explains: „When other families used to spend 4-8 weeks summer holidays around the world, we always had maximum 2 weeks summer holidays with my father. My father is a big idol to me – he is punctually in the office at 6 am every day (mo-fr) since over 25 years and I am very thankful that he has always thought us what is important to really be successful in life.“





David, (zodiac sign – Ram) has always been a rebellious boy and even in school, he used to challenge his teachers with the toughest questions.  He dropped out of school at sixteen (because of a positive THC test) and immediately started his traineeship as a salesman in Europes largest electronics Mega Stores Media Markt SCS which is located near Davids home in one of Europe`s largest Shopping Malls, the SCS. As a digital native and a passionate photographer, David truly loved the work as a salesman in the multimedia

sector(telecom, photo, and computer department) and he even won the „Junior Sales Award“ in his first year as a trainee. David`s mother – also a very successful Sales Promoter (voted Best Sales Promotor for Siemens | Eastern Austria in 2005) – always thought her three little boys to form their own opinions and to stand up for your right whenever necessary. David decided to quit his work at Media Markt because he saw it as his responsibility to get more politically engaged and because of mobbing problems he sadly had to face at work as he never saw a reason to make a secret of his favor for the remarkable plant cannabis. „I just consumed cannabis after a hard day of work – instead of the beer my colleagues choose and I always was one of the best, most punctual and most motivated workers.“




In 2007 David had the unique opportunity to serve his civilian service working at the famous „Check iT! Homebase and mobile Laboratory“ – the official internationally renown Austrian drug checking institution (co. founded by his aunt in the early 90s) which he totally loved of course. In his free time, he intensively studied Cannabis on the internet and through books (Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, e.g.).


Check iT! Homebase Vienna
Check iT! Homebase Vienna

In the end of the year 2007, David had tragically lost one of his very best friends in a car accident. From this day on, David decided to „live every day like it would be his last“ and to follow his deep passion for cannabis/hemp. In 2008, David started – fulltime volunteering – and invested over 25k to found the „Hanf Wandertag“ as part of the Global Cannabis March in Vienna. He finally found his path in the Cannabis Community and rising Industry when his beloved mother handed him over a trip to Amsterdam as a birthday present for his 18th Birthday. „My mother has never even tried cannabis, but she offered me this trip to Amsterdam to symbolize that she had finally accepted my „illegal“ hobby – but she didn’t want to see me behind bars.“ – What a great mother(!) – But David surprisingly refused the offer to explore Amsterdam at his 18th Birthday with the simple answer: „I don`t want to have to leave my home country to legally smoke pot. I want it to be legal here in Austria. And I’ll do everything in my hands to get it legal someday.“ So his mother decided to support him with organizing the Hanf Wandertag instead.




In the very first year, (2008) 250 people and one truck (Indras Planet) joined the first Vienna Hemp Hiking Day (Hanf Wandertag) organized by the 18-year-old idealistic and passionate boy and his friends. David`s first investment into the parade (which he borrowed from his father) was gone and it turned out to be a much harder and longer road to organize an impactful event than imagined.  The But not even spending Christmas and new-year (2009/2010) behind bars because he has lightened a 1m long joint during his speech in front of

„Kurier“ Newspaper in 2011.

the parliament at the „Hanf Wandertag“ in May 2009, could stop him from his dedicated mission of legalizing natural cannabis as medicine and regulating the recreational cannabis market for adults. The opposite happened. Right after he came out of prison on the 4th of January 2010, David emerged his advocacy by organizing two rallies per year – instead of one – as before. This was the moment when the „Hanf Wandertag“ began to grow immediately.


David got featured in Austria`s first „Official TV Documentary“ about cannabis and in 2012 David founded and established the Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV) together with his beloved wife Bianca Zacha (Co-Organizer of Hanf Wandertag since 2009) and their strong Austrian and European cannabis industry partners. As a member of EIHA, ENCOD, ACM and other partners, the ÖHV (Austrian Hemp Association) serves as professional lobby organization for the cannabis industry in Austria and Europe. Meanwhile the „Hanf Wandertag“ is one of the biggest annual political parades in Austria. 15.000 People joined the parade in 2015 and every year there is an awesome programme including Artists like Anthony B., Macka B., Hans Söllner, and much more! Proudly sponsored by companies like „Sensi Seeds®“ and other „big brands“ of Europe’s cannabis industry, the annual parade is well known for the amazing parade floats and the gorgeous atmosphere with living hemp plants (which are meanwhile legal to sell in Austria).



David lightening up a 1m long pure Joint in front of the Austrian Parliament at Hanf Wandertag 2009.


Besides his passion for organizing creative events, David loves to coordinate, manage and executes POS Services (Sales Promotion, Mystery Shopping, Shelf Services, Guerilla Marketing) especially for the cannabis industry with his dedicated team and is working as a consultant, author and photographer for magazines like the famous German „Grow! Magazine“. In summer 2015 David graduated as Diplom Event Manager ESB to encourage his knowledge in event management.